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SafeExpress packers and Movers has been very popular among the household shifting Delhi NCR, but they also have service for the Industrial unit’s .Packers and movers have all the experience and the knowledge for helping you shift your office or factory.

We have been able to successfully complete various shifting of industrial factories on time and thus offer various advantages as compared to other service providers. The industrial relocation services include planning the entire process to unpacking of the boxes.

SafeExpress believes that safety is the key criteria and thus makes sure that the industrial machines, tools are packed well. To ensure safety of these items, they are well packed and covered in steel box containers so that all the items are protected from dust, rain or any other miss happening.

We first make a list of every item so that there is no loss to the owner, and then items are packed in boxes and are numbered, so that the owner does not find difficulty in finding the goods. Industrial relocation services help the owners to save their time and make the maximum benefit. We have different packing material for the different industrial items.

In order to ensure that the product are safe every even is packed with intense care, the tools are wrapped in cargo sheets and then are covered in safe wooden boxes this is done to avoid the tools from rain and dust. The industrial machinery which is the key component is kept under a wooden pallet and then is covered with bubble sheets so that there is no damage to the LCD displays and other items in the machine.

Relocation of industrial units is a very specialized job and it requires highly trained staff who can manage the proper handling of the material and thus we have a team who make it a reality .The team consists of people who are in the industry for a long period of time and are able to help carry the entire shifting process easily.

Industrial packers and movers provide around the clock service to all locations in India, we also offer faster delivery options where some machines are transported via railways .The Company also offer insurance of these items, since they are highly valuable items customers can mitigate the risk by just availing this service at reasonable cost.